Linked Across Time: Volume Four (Paperback)

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SECLUDED WITH MY HELLION: Lady Odessa Lynwood has loved the Earl of Havenwood since she was a young girl. He is her brother's best friend and their nearest peerage neighbor. She is tired of him avoiding her and decides to do something about it. There isn't a doubt in her mind that he loves her too; however, she doesn't understand why he's denying it. She leaves Kingbridge, her family home, on the brink of a snowstorm to confront him.Gavin Barrington, the Earl of Havenwood hasn't made a move to declare his intention for Odessa for a very good reason. His family is cursed and he refuses to subject her to the disaster his family name would bring her. But when they are trapped in a hunting cabin during an epic snowstorm it changes everything.In the midst of the blizzard they must come to terms with their love and figure out if they can overcome Gavin's worst fears and have a life together.SECRETS WITH MY BELOVED: Lord Nicholas Kendall is tired of living in his brother Christian's shadow. He's the first-born and the one who will inherit the dukedom one day. He's not jealous, just bored. Christian is welcome to that particular responsibility. Nicholas has more adventurous aspirations. He's heard the rumors, even though his mother and father have done their best to squash them. Time travel is possible and his mother is proof of that. He intends to find a way to the future and explore all it has to offer.Peyton Drake is recovering from a long illness that she thought she'd eventually die from. Thanks to her long lost sister, and the miracle of modern medicine she is in remission. She is enjoying her new lease on life and intends to enjoy every second of it. Anything is possible now that she has a future she can plan for. The question is: What should she do with her life?SPYING ON MY SCOUNDREL: Lady Hyacinth believes she's destined to be a princess. The prince of a small country visits London and she declares she'll make him fall in love with her in less than a sennight. After all, she is the most eligible lady in all of England...Rhys Rossington, the Earl of Carrick works for the home office and he's assigned to the prince while he's visiting. Some believe he is visiting for nefarious reasons and expect Rhys to uncover if the royal visit is something evil in disguise.As each moment passes both Rhys and Hyacinth begin to understand the meaning of the saying: There's a fine line between love and hate. If the survive they will have to decide which side their feelings actually fall on...SHOCKED BY MY VIXED: Christian Kendall, the Marquess of Blackthorn wishes he didn't have any responsibilities. If his family didn't depend on him he'd have been able to travel like his brother Nicholas. With Nicholas away he feels a little lost and uncertain for the first time in his life. Lady Scarlett Lynwood is lost. Not in the physical sense, but the emotional way. She wants to explore the world and discover hidden treasures. She has no place in her life for love. She wants to be brave like her mother. Unfortunately, that is not something she can ever be. She has to be the proper lady and attend the season. What her parents do not understand is she'll never be proper or ladylike. She has a while spirit that will not be tam.

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ISBN: 9798553269104
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: February 2nd, 2021
Pages: 592
Language: English