The Sun, the Moon, and Maybe the Trains (Paperback)

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John Bartley's days are filled with working in the mill or the garden, and he can't wait to see Zella at the next barn dance. But when he stumbles through a hidden portal in the forest, everything he's ever known falls behind him. A hundred and thirty-four years behind, to be exact. Tess can't quite believe John's tale of time travel. Does he really not know what a cell phone is? A car? Indoor plumbing? To convince the girl he's swiftly falling for that he's not crazy, John must delve into Tess's history-his future-and solve the mystery of his hometown's demise. But when they learn its fate, each faces a wrenching choice. Save their love or save the past?

About the Author

Rodney Jones was born 11/3/53 in Pontiac, Michigan. His mother cared for the mentally handicapped. His father was a carpenter who later became a mechanical engineer. Like his father, Rodney began his journey as a carpenter, then switched to woodworker, boat manufacturer, computer support, accountant, framer, and finally stone mason-all the while making art and regretting he'd not chosen a career as a singer. At the early age of six, Rodney stuck a pebble up his nose. Then at the age of fifty, he read a novel, which so disappointed him that he became enraged and (to get even) wrote his own. Currently a resident of Indiana, Rodney is now an artist, novelist, naturalist, immoralist, inventor of the Elastic Zukulian, and lover of all forms of art, whisky, and chocolate. His inspirations and influences include Rod Serling, Jon Gnagy, Cormac McCarthy, Ray Bradbury, Kurt Vonnegut, Valentina Lisitsa, Buster Keaton, Roy Andersson, Leos Carax, Antonio Tapies, Pablo Picasso, Jackson Pollock, and Pucer D. Holflapper.

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ISBN: 9781981824557
ISBN-10: 1981824553
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Publication Date: September 28th, 2012
Pages: 250
Language: English