A Tale of Oak and Mistletoe: Time Walkers Book 4 (Hardcover)

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"I am Winn Neilsson, Chief Protector of the blooded MacMhaolian. Husband to Maggie and father to our children. Brother to Benjamin," Winn replied, "And first born son to Pale Feather of the Paspahegh people, our Great Chief Dagr."

Winn is a seventeenth century Paspahegh warrior, born with the blood of a Norse Time Walker in his veins. He has lived his life in service to his kin, first the Paspahegh and then the Norse. His wife, Maggie, is both his staunchest ally and most challenging opponent - a woman from the twenty-first century who struggles with her new role in the past. Gifted with the ancient power of a sacred bloodline, Maggie is the source of a powerful magic that Winn is sworn to protect.

With ties to both the past and future, Maggie and Winn's lives unfold amongst the stirrings of a new nation. They risk everything to keep their loved ones safe as the once powerful Powhatan Nation crumbles and the English build a country from the ashes.

As history is made around them, Maggie and Winn fight for their future - despite what the history books have already written.

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ISBN: 9781735321837
ISBN-10: 1735321834
Publisher: Kirkbride
Publication Date: June 30th, 2020
Pages: 280
Language: English