Shadow Dreams (Paperback)

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In the village of Paran, in the peaceful plane of Keilah, lurks an evil bent on destruction...Bethany M'Doro, a Healer and a Knower, possesses the unique ability to see into the past. Her gifts make her invaluable on Paran's archeological digs. The team's most recent discovery, charred bones and a wooden box with an ornate comb, sparks a vision of an ancient cult called Eitel, known for stealing souls. Children's souls. A mysterious woman also appears in Bethany's vision, a woman named Elizabeth Jessup, who recently traveled through a portal from the Earth plane.A widow, Bethany relies on her father to watch over her daughter Sarah, while she is on her expeditions. When Bethany returns home to Paran, her worst fear has come to pass. Sarah is missing along with several other children from the village. Bethany realizes the resurrected cult of Eitel is responsible for abducting Sarah and the other young ones. And their leader is the traveler, Elizabeth Jessup. Bethany's visions lead her to the Earth plane, to Devil's Gate, Nevada in 1875, to enlist the help of Connor Jessup, Elizabeth's husband, a broken and embittered man.Bethany now faces the greatest challenges of her life-heal Connor and convince him to travel back with her to Paran to unravel the secrets of Eitel and save Sarah and the other children.

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ISBN: 9781732813854
ISBN-10: 173281385X
Publisher: Lucky Crow Press
Publication Date: October 30th, 2019
Pages: 174
Language: English