Train Through Time Boxed Set Books 4-6 (Paperback)

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Books Four through Six of the bestselling Train Through Time series, a historical time travel romance series set in and around Washington State and Montana in the early 1900s. Book Four: Finding You in Time Book Five: A Fall in Time Book Six: A Summer in Time (Also available individually) FINDING YOU IN TIME: Nathan Carpenter has lost the woman he loves...on a another time. He has lost everything, even himself as he cannot find a way to return to his own 1906. Amanda Cartwright can't remember the stranger who accosts her on a train one fateful night, though he says they were engaged to be another time...over 100 years ago. Time and the fates seem to conspire to keep Nathan and Amanda apart. Is their love strong enough to find each other in time? A FALL IN TIME: Sara Reed, a twenty-first century college student in Spokane, Washington, hears the train's whistle every day as it passes by her apartment. Sometimes, she thinks the train is actually calling to her. One day, she heeds that call and books a ticket just to ride the train. With no particular destination in mind, she picks Grand Forks, North Dakota as a likely place to turn around and head back to Seattle. Matthew Webster, a turn-of-the-century wealthy financier, boards the train in Seattle for a business trip to Chicago the morning after his marriage proposal to his childhood friend, Emily Williams, is soundly rejected. Emily says she loves him like a brother, but never considered him as a husband. Sara doesn't expect anything exciting to happen on her train ride. She's just trying to assuage her obsession with the train. Matthew doesn't expect anything exciting to happen on his train ride. He's just trying to get through his business trip while nursing a broken heart. Neither one of them is prepared for how their lives will change when Sara awakens in Matthew's compartment on a train in the fall of 1900. A SUMMER IN TIME: It's summer in the Rocky Mountains, and Gemima Holliday is on a genealogical road train The view from the train windows is to die for Evergreen trees abound, wildflowers are in bloom, animals graze in meadows, and life is grand She loves trains, she loves genealogy and she loves her ancestors. That she is without a love of her own troubles her only a little bit. She's still young, right? Plenty of time But the mystery of one ancestor troubles her. John Morrison never married, and she wants to know why. A successful lawyer, he could probably have had his pick of any eligible young lady in the state of Montana. Sure, he had been disfigured in a train accident according to newspaper reports, but that shouldn't have kept him from love. Should it? Gem sets out by train to find out what happened to her ancestor and why he turned away from love and family.

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