Losing Time (Paperback)

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Spring in the Cotswolds is beautiful. Felicia Wycliff enjoyed the sun as she walked in the woods with her little dachshund. She'd lived all her life in the area. The forest was a familiar world where the ruins of Elysian Fields, a once formidable castle, remained.

This day, her walk started off no different than all the others until her dog bolted after a rabbit. Felicia followed. One moment she was running after her beloved dog, when a force, unseen and unexpected hurled her to the ground. Brushing herself off, she continued her pursuit until three mounted knights accused her of trespassing and kidnapped her.

She thought she maxed out her fear level as they rode through the woods. When they rode through the gates of Elysian Fields with its buildings looking as formidable as when it was erected, she knew another level of fear.

When she fell, she knew exactly where she was. But where the devil had she landed?

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ISBN: 9781646696918
ISBN-10: 1646696913
Publisher: Books to Go Now
Publication Date: September 9th, 2019
Pages: 356
Language: English