Discover Time For Love (Forward in Time, Book Two): Time Travel Romance Anthology (Paperback)

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When a Paleontologist and a Dinosaur Bone Pirate Join Forces, Only the Future Can Tell What They'll Dig Up in Discover Time for Love, A Time Travel Romance from Louise Clark

--Montana Badlands, 2020--

Professional paleontologist, Liz Hamilton, is seeking the academic find of a lifetime and separation from her family's strange secret. What she's not seeking is a car wreck and being rescued by a dino-bone pirate.

Mike Edwards makes money finding dino-bones and selling them to the highest bidder. When a torrential rainstorm hits the Montana prairie he rescues the attractive Liz Hamilton and the two weather the storm in his truck.

The next morning, the unlikely duo discover the remains of a rare creature in a washout. The creature straddles the border between private and federal land, requiring them both to work together on the discovery despite Liz's contempt for Mike's motives.

A journey to the future convinces Liz the find is significant for her career. What she doesn't know is how to handle Mike's profiteering or the emotional bond and deepening attraction between them.

After Mike and Liz's Story, Enjoy Claim Time for Love, A Time Travel Romance Based on Make Time for Love, Book 1 in the Forward in Time Series

--Boston, 1772 and Present Day, New York City--

Andrew Byrne, a prosperous colonial with rebellious inclinations, is determined to marry the beautiful Mary Elizabeth Strand, the daughter of George Strand, a British official in Boston. The problem is George Strand has promised his daughter to Colonel Bradley, a British officer.

When Andrew and Mary Elizabeth decide to elope, their secret passage to New York City leaks to Colonel Bradley who sets pursuit.

Now, only a leap in time can save the lovers and take them to a destiny truly their own.

The Forward In Time Series:
Make Time for Love
Discover Time for Love w/Claim Time for Love
A Turbulent Time for Love

About Louise Clark:
Louise Clark's time travel romance series, Forward in Time, includes both contemporary and historical settings, as well as humor, passion, and hot heroes. Her experience writing both contemporary and historical romance made writing a time travel series a natural. As well, her love of travel meant the books are set in different locals, from historic Boston to the badlands of the American West, and beyond.

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