Predestined (Paperback)

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Following the directions of a mysterious, all-knowing dowager, H G (Hope Grace) Wells and Doctor Peter Rhodes (from The Institute) break out two male prisoners from jail and together with an investigative reporter, her female companion, and a tough, no-nonsense female detective (all five from The Program) take them back in time from 2018 Melbourne to their 1898 London. H G is the younger cousin of the famed author H. G. Wells - the other H G as she calls him - and the foremost physicist of the late Victorian era. Their mission, with the aid of their contemporary companions from Melbourne, to rescue Peter's kidnapped wife Samantha.This leads to an incredible, dangerous, and at times brutal story of abductions, rescue, time travel, savagery, love, romance and dematerialisations involving characters such as Jack the Ripper and Robert the Bruce, as H G and her companions travel along their predestined paths. This strange and at times mystical tale is weaved together by a new and improved space/time machine called the DEMAT, designed by H G and her great friend, the abducted woman Mrs. Samantha Rhodes, who, like H G, is a brilliant physicist. All five time travellers from the twenty-first century are fated to fulfil their own, individual destinies, while at the same time unwittingly ensuring certain historical events take place along the way. Their journeys, along with that of H G's, dictated to by the written instructions of the mysterious dowager.

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ISBN: 9781487423766
ISBN-10: 1487423764
Publisher: Extasy Books
Publication Date: May 12th, 2019
Pages: 188
Language: English