Pardon: The Autobiography of a Gangster (Paperback)

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POWERFULL... COMPELLING... INSPIRATIONAL... These words come to mind after becoming immersed in this true story of Hector Rodriguez whose Mother left when he was only nine months old. His Father turned to alcohol to escape the responsibilities of raising seven children by himself in New York City. By the age of ten, his gang had become his family and by fourteen he was already a street hardened criminal. In a desperate attempt to get him off the streets, his father sent him to Vietnam where he learned to kill without remorse. After his tour of duty, he found his way back to the streets of New York where he became the ruthless leader of a very large and powerful drug gang. Though God had been calling him since he was twelve, the devil had already ensnared him with drugs and money. Then the one time he showed mercy on someone, it led to a series of life changing events which allowed him to finally hear God's voice. Upon hearing God's word and feeling his peace and grace, the thick walls of anger around Hector finally crumbled to dust. With the same intensity he put into building his drug empire, he now used to build God's empire. This book will move you to tears, make you laugh until it hurts, and fill you with so much inspiration that if you open yourself to its message, it can and will change your life. Very few stories will keep you on the edge of your seat while offering so much in return. Pastor Hector Rodriguez is a true apostle for God and his story has already inspired so many to change their ways and follow the path of light, just as it has done for me. Joseph Dinan Jr. Editor.

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ISBN: 9781452017129
ISBN-10: 1452017123
Publisher: Authorhouse
Publication Date: May 3rd, 2010
Pages: 252
Language: English