Exploring Other Lifetimes: Memoir of a Soul's Journey: Memoir of a Soul's Journey (Paperback)

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IN EXPLORING OTHER LIFETIMES: Memoir of a Soul's Journey, PATTY PAUL tells the fascinating stories of more than thirty of her lifetimes, including many in Lemuria, Ancient Greece, Old Europe, and Atlantis. Using guided meditations as observer and as participant, she began visiting her many lifetimes in the 1980s, and soon found it an adventure that helped accelerate her spiritual journey of self-discovery.

The premise of this book, unlike most others about reincarnation, is that all lifetimes are happening now, not in the past or future, but right now on multi-dimensional levels of the unconscious that exist beyond the physical realm's limitations of time and space. For that reason, every lifetime is accessible as a valuable resource for expanding personal and spiritual growth. And Patty Paul demonstrates exactly how it is done.

As the story of each important lifetime unfolds in this book, the author shows how that lifetime is tied to her current life by the unresolved issues and strong emotions they share-the ties that bind them-and how through recognizing, understanding, then integrating that lifetime into the wholeness of her truer self-the greater being they are-a healing occurs. Like a stone tossed into a vast sea of consciousness, the result is a rippling of peace that impacts all her lifetimes at once.

As they unfold in the telling, the author's lifetime stories in this book-each so unexpected and unique-clearly demonstrate the value of exploring one's other lifetimes, and why this book is an entertaining and important read.


"As Patty Paul shares her adventures beyond our earthly boundaries, she reveals the scope and the immense beauty of the human spirit. Her book is a reminder that if we are willing to knock on dimensional doorways, an endless journey of self-discovery awaits. And if we dare, we too can fall in love with our courage, commitment, and our continual pursuit of the sacred within ourselves. Thank you, Patty Paul, for sharing your journey of healing and for shining a reminding light into each of us to do the same."

- Ann E. Bossingham, metaphysical teacher, trance channel, & healer

"Patty Paul has written a compelling memoir, taking her readers along with her on her soul's journey of self-discovery. Illusions of separation are dissolved, healing takes place, and she emerges-conscious, authentic, and awake. It is a rare gift to be given the opportunity to view the world of the unseen and gain greater illumination that we do indeed create our own reality."

- Athena Demetrios, author of Walking Between Worlds: A Spiritual Odyssey

"This book is a great deal more than the fascinating stories of Patty Paul's other lifetimes. The book's vast array of lifetimes gives us a broad view of our global and historical reality at the same time each lifetime's fascinating story presents a wise teaching that the author brings forward in a clear and understandable way. As her colorful prose pulls us into her adventures, we are taken into her past life experiences and their respective worlds. Diving into the 'vast sea of consciousness, ' by self-guided meditations, the lifetimes surface. Each one brings its unique wisdom and becomes an integral part of the greater whole of the being that is Patty Paul. And we are the better for it."

- Shawn Randall, MA, internationally renowned lecturer, channel, and author of Connecting with Your Higher Self

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