Is Your House Haunted?: Poltergeists, Ghosts or Bad Wiring (Paperback)

Is Your House Haunted?: Poltergeists, Ghosts or Bad Wiring Cover Image
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A door slams shut by itself. The scent of pipe tobacco drifts through an empty room. You hear your name being called, even though you know you're home alone. It seems as if your house is being visited--or invaded--by someone or something, and you're terrified. Is there a logical explanation, or do you have a real-life ghost on your hands?

There's no reason to live in fear. This friendly beginner's guide offers reassurance and practical advice on identifying, and putting a stop to, any paranormal activity that's creeping you out. Discover how to rule out any earthly explanations for strange phenomena. A comprehensive overview of all kinds of hauntings and ghosts-from harmless family spirits to aggressive poltergeists to malevolent demons-will help you understand and identify your unearthly houseguest. If you still want to banish your ghost, you'll find plenty of simple, effective techniques to get the job done, and guidance on when it might be necessary to call in paranormal experts.

Is Your House Haunted? also includes a paranormal FAQ and advice on how to talk to children about ghosts.

About the Author

Debi Chestnut has been able to see and speak to ghosts her whole life. A paranormal researcher for more than twenty-five years, she gives lectures and conducts workshops to help people better understand paranormal activity. Her books on the paranormal are: Something Wicked, Stalking Shadows, How to Clear Your Home of Ghosts and Spirits, Is Your House Haunted, and Ghosts of Anchor Bay. She resides in Michigan. Visit her online at her Facebook page The Paranormal Realm.

Product Details
ISBN: 9780738726816
ISBN-10: 0738726818
Publisher: Llewellyn Publications
Publication Date: August 8th, 2011
Pages: 212
Language: English